Кристен Стюарт с девушкой отправилась в поход

Despite the high status of Kristen Stewart, she prefers simple style in clothes and rest. Taking your new girlfriend, 27-year-old Sara Dinkin, the star went on a hike.

About a month ago about the relationship of Kristen and her stylist first began. All this time a couple breaks up, goes on walks, in cafes, walk the dog and much more. This time the star brought a friend on a mini-quest on the slopes of Los Angeles. Girls dressed in the most simple comfortable clothes: white tank tops and sweat pants. Later the pair was joined by another friend, with whom they continued a planned way.

To show feelings in public and to formally confirm the novel girls are not going. Prior to this, by the way, the star of “Twilight” met up with Stella Maxwell.

While other celebrities were intensively preparing for Christmas, hid gifts for his children and decorating the tree, Kristen and Sarah walked the streets and hit the camera lenses of the paparazzi. Girls on romance hinted: sipped cold drinks and talked.

Celebrities are always under the gun cameras, including Kristen Stewart, which is not the easiest reputation. The choice in clothing the stars fell on interesting t-shirt, on the back of which was written “Get off my dick” that means “leave me alone”, if you do not include note of profanity. Perhaps this was a hidden message, but in reality is the name of the tour in 1986, the group Beastie Boys.

Not so long ago finished shooting the launch of “Charlie’s Angels”, in which Kristen played a major role. It seems that the star took a vacation and decided to spend Christmas with loved ones in a relaxed atmosphere. Edition ET previously interviewed Kristen, in which she answered questions about the continuation of the “Charlie’s Angels”. “The film is where I grew up were pretty funny. The new will show how women can work together (we will remind, the Director of the movie was Elizabeth banks. — Approx. ed.)”, — she told.

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