Кристен Стюарт считает, что девушка-Бонд должна стать сюрпризом

Official reports of new film about James bond not yet received, but Internet users do not feed bread, give to talk and guess about who will be the new super agent, who will play his girlfriend, where they will be shooting and what film is the plot.

Such reflections recently succumbed to even the star of “Twilight Saga” Kristen Stewart, who has put forward a new vision of the future fighter.

So, according to Kristen intrigue of the film must be maintained until the end of the film. about the possibility of how this can be done Stuart told reporters: “In fact, it would be possible to bring to the fore the bond girl, but only when all already believe that it is only his girlfriend. Again – and it turns out to be a female bond! offers an actress. – In the trailer, the main should be a bond, a hint of a different situation and the moment of truth then”.

Incidentally, Kristen Stewart is not eager to play the heroine described her.

We will remind, “the former” agent James bond Daniel Craig refused to appear in subsequent parts of the franchise even though a fee of $ 100 million.


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