Kristen Stewart answered a question about her orientation

Кристен Стюарт ответила на вопрос о ее ориентации

Confusion in the relationship Kristen Stewart became the basis for the emergence of a variety of questions about her sexual orientation. Many believe that love Kristen failures with men has led to the fact that she decided to give up on women. Someone believes that in fact Stewart just experimenting and looking for himself, but ultimately did not become part of the LGBT community, and is married with a new man.

To think and speculate on this subject can be long. But some very interested fans decided to ask my pet directly, what is her orientation. Here’s what the star of “Twilight” have responded to such provocative and quite personal question.

“I have to have the answer to the question about who I am,” says 25-year-old actress. – I felt this strange responsibility because I did not want to be considered a weirdo. But I do not seem appropriate. I have stuck in my mind the question: “How can I define myself?” I don’t know…”

“I’m not done with the Foundation, which would say who I am. If you do not understand, I have no more time,” concluded the actress, is transparent hinting that it is on both sides – tradition and homosexuality.


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