Крис Дженнер потратит миллионы долларов на охрану

After police detained an unknown man broke into late Sunday night into the house of Kendall Jenner, her mother Kris Jenner decided not to skimp on protection for their children.

“After what happened with Kendall Chris was furious. She hired the most professional armed security team, which will spend millions of dollars” — said the insider. Most Chris do not need protection – her boyfriend Corey gamble, as you know, he worked as her bodyguard, and will not let anyone to the starry body is his passion.
“Chris very much money as a Manager of their children, especially Kendall, so she was very scared when she told her about the Stalker,” said the insider, focusing on Mercantile interests Chris. Recall that Kendall returning home, he saw in front of his new home by an unknown man. Having entered the territory of his house, she saw a man slip behind her. Terrified, she dialed 911 and sat in the car until the guards arrived.
This is not the first case when in the homes of members of the reality family Kardashian-Jenner break is unknown. After this event in December 2015 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have already spent over a million dollars on his guard.

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