Kris Jenner treated her husband from transsexualism prayers

Крис Дженнер лечила мужа от транссексуализма молитвами

24-year-old married stars of the reality show “living with the Kardashian” Kris Jenner and her ex-husband Bruce, who is now positioning itself as kaitlyn, was full of surprises and mysteries that are now spilling like a cornucopia, hitting the already shocked crowd.

Крис Дженнер лечила мужа от транссексуализма молитвами
Unlike Bruce first wife Linda, who knew about the secret desire of her husband to have a sex change and been good about this, Chris believed such dreams of spouse deviation and even, if you will, disease. And every disease should be treated. Here Mrs. Jenner, wife, and mother of former U.S. Olympic champion, encouraged him to get rid of this desire in different ways. About this in his book “Kardashian Dynasty” said Ian Halperin.

Крис Дженнер лечила мужа от транссексуализма молитвами
As it became known, even before Kris married Bruce, she knew about his love of dressing up in women’s clothes, but thought it was “weird” and “pranks” that can’t do anything to threaten their relationship. In addition, she was completely in love with his chosen one, and even could not think that the Olympic athlete, the Americans were treated like hero will be able to shock the public in this way.

Immediately after marriage, says the book, Chris did everything to save a spouse from female habits. The only way of healing for Mrs. Jenner was the Church, and she did not hesitate, took her husband in his evangelistic abode. Chris was sure that prayer could cure mental illness, homosexuality and the desire to change their sex, and forced Bruce to spend in prayer for hours.
Family friends told Halperin that for a while and it really helped – Bruce refused the hormones began to take before meeting with Chris and determined to start a family. In marriage were born two daughters Kylie and Kendall.


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