Kris Jenner has frozen all accounts of the son

Крис Дженнер заморозила все счета сына

Famous American TV personality Kris Jenner, which, moreover, is the Manager of their children participating in reality show “living with the Kardashian”, extra froze all the accounts of his son Rob. After parting with the civil wife and the mother of his firstborn daughter, dream, Kardashian like crazy. Rob was blowing money left and right and spent far more than earned. Deciding to figure out where the money is spent, Chris took up his head – beloved son, who in his thirties still clinging to her mother’s skirt, has wasted tens of thousands of dollars and couldn’t even explain where they went.

Black chyna, a former civil wife of Rob, now wants full custody of the daughter, citing the fact that he could not leave the child in the father for a minute. He is constantly in a state of drug intoxication and abusing alcohol.
Chris worried that all the family money result simply in the pocket of blackmailing her son to China. Rob’s account will be frozen as long as his mother will not understand the destination and while her thirty-year boy will not take up the mind.