Kris Jenner back of a lover of money

Крис Дженнер вернула любовника деньгами

The star of the reality show “living with the Kardashian” Kris Jenner knows how to entice her husband back into their network. After breaking up for a period of two months Corey gamble vernusa to the woman, Godea his mother. As reported by insiders, Chris returned greedy for money lover proven method.

The publication of RadarOnline, citing insiders, reports that Chris a young man rents an apartment for thirty thousand dollars a month, generously paid him every appearance in the reality show and even a date with her.
But sources close to Gamble, say that the money he gets not so easy.
“Corey is happy to earn decent money, but he this whole situation is a burden of past feelings for Chris he is not experiencing, and it hampers their intimate relationships and communication. He likes the cache, and do not mind to spend the summer, relax on the resorts and stuff, but to stay too long near Jenner, he did not intend,” said the insider.
The news that 61-year-old Chris and 33-year-old Corey again appeared together in may, but only now insiders have confirmed this information. Recall that they broke up at the initiative of the CDIP, which had time to focus on the fallen TV show ratings, and which does not have time for novels.