Кортни Кардашьян во время путешествия в Палм-Спрингс

Кортни Кардашьян во время путешествия в Палм-Спрингс
During your road trip to palm springs Kourtney Kardashian wears tight-fitting white top and nothing else!
Kourtney Kardashian went a little impressed, when she stopped at a convenience store during car trips October 20. She was standing at the cash register, nothing was under her thin white top, and we love her casual look!
Courtney Kardashian just gave a whole new meaning to snacking. 40 – year-old founder of the “push-up” was considerably reckless in a tiny white tank top when she walked in a comfortable quiet shop, as seen in the photo, which she shared in Instagram, October 20. Gas stations caught on the way home to Los Angeles from palm springs, where she had previously mentioned with her sister Kim Kardashian’s thirty-ninth birthday!
The star of “Family Kardashian” revealed in new photos nipples through her translucent top top top. She joined white top with cosy off-white shorts and sneakers. Graceful way Courtney was the perfect choice for a day of travel.

Кортни Кардашьян во время путешествия в Палм-Спрингс
As for her visit to the diner? In delicacy Courtney came topped Pringles, corn snack, with a taste of onion “Funyuns” and cheese “Cheetos” and coconut water. The mother of three children, just signed the photo with a smiley face “😈”.
Many fans noted in the comments to pictures of Courtney that her snack was very unhealthy compared to the fact that usually uses organic eater. “I didn’t know that you eat junk food,” commented one of the subscribers photo. Courtney tried to answer a very tricky way. “Ride well, sooooo tired of me,” she said.
Kourtney with her sisters Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and other close friends went to palm springs for the weekend for girls to celebrate 39 years Kim. The sisters shared a video with a luxury weekend, where mom Kris Jenner has a home.

Кортни Кардашьян во время путешествия в Палм-Спрингс
As a gift for your family and friends for participating in the celebration of the birth of Kim gave everyone present a big bag of Goodies. She shared a video about how the company is invited to open their bags SKIMS, including its shape SKIMS, her book of selfies SELFISH, perfume KKW Beauty, as well as new shoes and socks Yeezy. In addition, during the birthday of Kim company of women together, went Hiking, and laying by the pool, as you can see from other videos shared Kim.

“All my friends had a great time, rested from their strenuous work with their children to relax in palm springs and absolutely nothing to do !!” Kim described the flight of the girls on Twitter as “Best time!”

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