Кортни Кардашьян и Юнес Бенджима снова вместе

Another PR move? The Kardashian family knows how to get the popularity. Kourtney Kardashian was a supporter of traditional values. Giving birth to children by Scott Disick, the couple broke up, and Courtney decided not to miss the chance to have an affair with someone younger. So her life was a boxer and model Younes Benzima, who changed her Instagram with model, Jordan Ozuna. But I guess Courtney takes a cue from his sister Chloe, who has forgiven the elect of the father and daughter after his infidelity during her pregnancy.

Insiders told People magazine that Kardashian has forgiven their partner and decided to give their relationship another chance. “They have not returned to their former status and meet secretly. But Younes says Courtney, that never lied to her, and she seems to believe him. They still have work to do,” said the insider magazine.

Evidence in the form of paparazzi photos on the Internet yet, but the media says about the recent date of the stars. Courtney and Younes took the dinner to go and drove the car in an unknown direction.

We will remind, after two years of relationship Courtney and Younes just wanted to pause, but photos of a young boyfriend, the model Jordan Azunai very upset that star and finally decided to leave. “They’re definitely no longer together, said the insider, Is not going to happen”.

Courtney is now completely free and fans assume that the star will meet with her former husband and children’s father Scott Disick.

While Courtney cope with grief together with friends, Younes looked for support from model Jordan Ozuna. But soon the boxer commented on the paparazzi on instagram, saying that the meeting with the model is only “friendly entertainment”. Even Jordan has confirmed the words of the other. “Between us with Younes no romantic relationship. We were both in Mexico at the birthday party of our friend, and there was another 13 people! Nothing but friendly hugs and fun on the beach, between us there was,” she told the publication E!News.