Костя Цзю перенес инфаркт The father of five children spoke about the terrible diagnosis. The boxer Kostya Tszyu was a clot. After this incident, the man became even harder to monitor their health and three times a year to undergo a medical examination.

For many fans of the boxer Kostya Tszyu is a perfect example. The man was always conscious of my health, avoiding harmful habits and was physically active. However, he didn’t tell anyone about the heart problems that occurred long ago.

In the program “Live healthy” Kostya remembered how once almost died from a loose blood clot.

“Got up in the morning, went to the bathroom and suddenly collapsed. It turned out that I had high cholesterol, causing clot and pulled away. Before that happens, after 15-20 push-UPS suddenly began to hurt the heart. I then called Elena Malysheva asked what to do. She sent me to very good specialist, and he was advised to immediately do the operation,” – said Tszyu in the air the popular program.

According to leader Elena Malysheva, a heart attack is an insidious disease that can overtake even the person with perfect health. Sam Costa is sure that the clot could break away due to the fact that he decided to return to the sport. Sudden increase in physical activity had a negative impact on heart health.

Fears for his life caused the man to have more serious attitude to their own health.

“Now I try three times a year to undergo a full examination of the body. I can’t risk, I have five children. Incidentally, I also checked. Still high cholesterol — the problem is hereditary. It turned out that all children have cholesterol. But we still continue to monitor any problems of this nature”, – said the athlete.

Now the man is feeling well. His health is not in danger. According to the boxer, to fight the disease driven by the need of caring for beloved children. In 2016 it is the fifth time became a father. While the eldest heir to Dice for 24 years.

The news of heart problems arising from a well-known athlete, shocked his fans. They support the man and advise him not to forget about tests, because the risk of reinfarction is very high. The coast sure I’d be able to protect yourself from another attack if will systematically implement the recommendations of doctors.