Kostya Tszyu showed adorable daughter

Костя Цзю впервые показал очаровательную дочку
The athlete defended against the attacks of his wife.

Kostya Tszyu with his daughter Victoria

Photo: freeze-frame of the program “the Destiny of Man”

Kostya Tszyu a year ago became a father for the fifth time. In the family of the athlete a daughter Victoria. However, unlike many stars, he has long concealed, as the fact of the addition to the family and the baby itself. Only recently the coast showed looks like his adorable one-year-old Victoria.

Touching the frame of the famous 48-year-old boxer with a small daughter were shown in the program Boris Korchevnikov “the Destiny of man”. In his interview he admitted that in the beginning of the relationship with the current wife, Tatiana, he had to overcome many difficulties. At the time of the meeting with his future wife, Kostya was already married, but according to his confession, Natalia (first wife — approx. ed) he at that time already lived together. It was difficult both to the coast as it took him a while to believe in the sincerity of feelings of the beloved, and Tatiana. She has long had to contend with public pressure. Many accused her that she broke the previous seven Bones. But the pair managed to overcome all challenges and to find family happiness.

“I get enormous pleasure from the fact that I’m a dad. I have two small children. At the moment I’m very happy, I have a wonderful wife, which is easy. She was not married to the brand “Kostya Tszyu”, but just for me, — said Kostya. — Actually, it took some time: I was married, although we have not lived together. It was very hard. But Tatiana done, believe that I love her. It was no simulated feelings. Many believed that she got married just because of my fame. But it really didn’t matter. I love her!”

Kostya and Tatiana together also a son of Vladimir, born in 2015. In addition, Tszyu has three more children from a previous marriage. He told me that all the harder the collapse of his 20-year marriage to Natalia was experiencing they. The eldest son cried when I found out that dad leaves the family. In recognition jeou in the end, two sons and daughter can forgive him, but memories of that painful period will remain forever in the memory of the Bones.