Kostya Tszyu came out of the youngest daughter

Костя Цзю перестал скрывать младшую дочь The athlete told about his family Boris Korchevnikov. For more than two years, Kostya Tszyu happily married with Tatyana Averina. The couple has two children together, the youngest of which was born last year.
Костя Цзю перестал скрывать младшую дочь

The former absolute world champion on Boxing Konstantin Tszyu became the hero of the program Boris Korchevnikov “the Destiny of man”. The man remembered the bright moments of his career, spoke about retiring from the sport, and told about people, his wife Tatiana and children.

In recognition of Tszyu, he loves spending time with family. The boxer and his fiancee Tatiana bringing up two children – son Alexander and daughter Victoria. The youngest child of Constantine came to light in November 2016. Present at the filming congratulated the athlete with the fact that very soon the girl turns a year old.

“I get enormous pleasure from the fact that I’m a dad. I have two small children. At the moment I’m very happy, I have a wonderful wife, which is easy. She was not married to the brand “Kostya Tszyu”, but just for me. In fact, it took some time: I was married, although we have not lived together. It was very hard. But she [Tatiana] well done, believe that I love her. It was no simulated feelings. Many believed that she got married just because of my fame. But it really didn’t matter. I love her”, – said Konstantin.
Костя Цзю перестал скрывать младшую дочь

The parents of the boxer also got in touch with the Studio. Valentina and Boris Tszyu not began to oppose the decision of his son to build a relationship with Tatiana. “If it was chosen by the coast, then so be it. She loves Kostya, it’s the most important thing. She cares for him, looks after him and the children. What else is needed for the family? The main thing that was mutual love,” said the mother of the athlete.

The man stressed that for them, Tatiana don’t matter that much wealth. “She’s not a predator. You know, there are women, I don’t know,” Constantine said. Almost everything that belonged to him, Tszyu has left his former wife.

Constantine said that he managed to make friends with the son of Tatiana from a previous relationship. Moreover, the athlete hired him for the job.

Костя Цзю перестал скрывать младшую дочь“We have a good relationship. I made him a partner in one of his businesses, he is engaged in gloves. He’s 18 years old,” says the man.

Timothy, the eldest heir to the boxer who remained with his ex-wife, said he understands the decision of the father. “He’s a grown boy, came here and saw my relationship with Tatiana. He became wiser and smarter,” explained Constantine. However, Timothy was not present at the wedding of parent, which took place more than two years ago. In turn jeou said that did not organize a Grand celebration on this occasion. First, the lovers got married and after the birth of her son in February marked a very important event in a narrow range.

“Before Sasha was born, I made an offer. (…) At the moment I listened to his heart. She was seven months pregnant. My family just Packed up and stayed home. Filed, and the next day signed. It was the 30th of December”, – said the athlete.