Костенко призналась в любви на волне слухов о разрыве с Тарасовым
Player today celebrates 31 anniversary.

Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko

Photo: @kostenko.94 Instagram Anastasia Kostenko

Last week in a press there were messages that Anastasia Kostenko and Dmitry Tarasov are close to divorce. A pair of fans in social networks noted that the model took off his wedding ring. “Is the athlete and his pregnant wife preparing to cancel the recently registered marriage?” — worried, surrounded by couples.

Today Kostenko published a record that dispelled all the rumors about the problems in his family. Dmitry celebrates birthday with nothing touching congratulated the young wife.

“Happy Birthday, my favorite! Thank you for all that I feel. All of the wishes I have already announced,” Kostenko wrote in his microblog. Along with this she published a wedding photo on which poses with husband. Most likely, the ring model at the time was removed because of the pregnancy. Girls in position often suffer from swelling and refuse from wearing jewelry.

Bored on maternity leave Anastasia is not necessary. Recently in a country house Tarasova has a new tenant: Labrador puppy named Tara. As Dmitri travels to training and sports camp, Anastasia deals with raising dogs. “She’s just a baby (1 month and 10 days), but had all the charm! While the skills and habits has affection, playfulness, appetite, desire to play and bite toys,” said Anastasia.