Kostenko boasted a luxurious gift Tarasova to an important date

Костенко похвасталась роскошным подарком Тарасова к важной дате Lovers celebrate a very personal holiday. Dmitry Tarasov spoils his darling Anastasia Kostenko. These days a pair of happy special event – their relationship was nine months.

Midfielder “Locomotive” Dmitry Tarasov and his girlfriend, model Anastasia Kostenko noted the date of the beginning of his novel. The relationship of the couple is not yet a year, and because the lovers celebrate every month that we spent together. In these days, was nine months from that day, as Dmitry and Anastasia realized that were made for each other.

On that occasion, the footballer gave his girlfriend two luxury rose bouquet – red and pink. Anastasia Kostenko are unable to resist, not to boast of the gift of Dmitry Tarasov. The model took the photo on the background of beautiful flowers and placed it in his proof that next to her a real man that does not get tired to indulge.

“Nine months, filled with love,” commented Anastasia the, making it, as she loves the English language.

Pictured is the beloved of Dmitry Tarasova just glows with happiness. It seems that for the first nine months of the novel beloved feelings only got stronger. And it is possible that the relationship can move to a new stage. This wished Anastasia Kostenko subscribers to its microblog.

“Oh, how pretty. Hooray! My husband and I have 6 months in marriage”, “Happiness to you more!”, “Nastya, well, what a nice smile you have!”, “Great photo, Mathew! You’re the most beautiful flower of all!”, “Honey, I congratulate you. As the time is running and yesterday it was 1.5 years”, “take care of each other, you are a very bright and beautiful couple. Be happy”, “Nastya, as always, at height”, “Beauty! Let the 9 months of happiness and love are eternal” – warmly responded to the post Anastasia Kostenko her fans.

Recall that in early August, Dmitry Tarasov and his girlfriend Anastasia Kostenko held a housewarming. The pair did not hide pleasure concerning long-awaited completion of the repair. Love, does not cease to prove the seriousness of their relationship, moved into a luxury home. Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko held a housewarming

Fans Tarasov and Kostenko suspect that soon the young man will decide on the next stage of their relationship with the model and will announce the marriage to the chosen bride. The more that Anastasia has publicly declared that is ready to become a wife and mother.