Korchevnikov made a sensational statement about the closure of “Live”

Корчевников сделал сенсационное заявление о закрытии «Прямого эфира» Leading again appealed to many fans, to put the point in the discussion of the rumors related to a popular talk show. Boris korchevnikov said that in the future viewers expect new releases on relevant topics.
Корчевников сделал сенсационное заявление о закрытии «Прямого эфира»

Yesterday TV presenter Boris korchevnikov published a post in a microblog, in which he assured the public that he is not going to leave the popular program “live”. Later, however, the host has removed the publication, which caused confusion among some fans.

Boris korchevnikov spoke for the first time about leaving “Live”

After a while Boris once again made a statement about personnel changes in the show and his alleged care. Korchevnikov placed all points over “i” and made it clear that such speculation is far from reality. The presenter also noted that in the future viewers a lot of interesting releases and insightful stories.

“Exactly four years ago this Studio was the start of my new life. Thanks to everyone who writes me warm on our program, anyone who looks and hurts along with us for amazing experiences that we live through. And will to live. “Live” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi is not closed. It’s a rumor. I’m not leaving. Together with our team we prepare the best response to the information buzz around us: the answer programs and even more striking is the fate of our heroes. Thank you,” said the presenter.
Корчевников сделал сенсационное заявление о закрытии «Прямого эфира»

Fans have supported Boris and wished him all the best. “Success to you and your team” “Thank you is”, “Health to you”, “Really glad to have you with us” “Really great news”, “How good!” “I love you”, “Just work for fun”, “Awesome, you are a professional,” was discussed by the fans of the presenter.

Earlier in mass media appeared information about the fact that Boris korchevnikov can go to Orthodox channel “Spas”. It was reported that its founder Patriarch Kirill approved the candidacy of the leader. “StarHit” contacted Boris Kostenko, General Director of “Savior”, to comment on the situation. The representative of the company said that the final decision remains with the broadcaster, and is currently too early to draw final conclusions.

Boris korchevnikov will lead to Orthodox channel

“It’s a private matter, not yet been officially announced, the order has not yet emerged. We are waiting for when declare the founders. It is too early to talk about whether Boris to lead something on “the Savior,” – said Kostenko “StarHit”.

We also add that information about planned personnel changes in the program “live” is among the ten most talked-about events in the media industry in February of this year, along with the return of the show “ProjectorParisHilton”. The rankings, available online, was prepared by “Medialogia” company.