Konstantin Raikin was urgently hospitalized

Константин Райкин был экстренно госпитализирован The artist had to seek help from doctors. Details about the health of Konstantin A. is still unknown. At the moment journalists clarify information about the health of stars.

      Константин Райкин был экстренно госпитализирован

      Journalists have reported that a 66-year-old art Director “the Satyricon” Konstantin Raikin urgently hospitalized. According to correspondents, a celebrity is sent to the Sklifosovsky research Institute on the ambulance.

      Later in the press appeared information about the fact that Raikin asked the doctors themselves. Star needed help after a recent medical intervention.

      Recall that a few days ago, Konstantin Raikin was operated in Tobolsk. The actor was on tour in the framework of the regional program of the festival “Golden mask”, when all of a sudden got a serious leg injury. After that Raikin was forced to seek help from health professionals. “Poorly stepped off the stairs, did not notice one, fell and tore a muscle. It is then sewn at a local hospital, I hope well,” said the man to the media.

      In one of the local hospitals Raikin operated on under General anesthesia. After that, Konstantin Arkadievich shone on the stage of the local theatre for two days. The Solo Performance “Konstantin Raikin. In your own words” managed to draw a full house. Fans of the celebrities were impressed by his acting and wrote rave reviews on social networks. They met idol with thunderous applause.

      It should be noted that the incident did not affect the health of Konstantin Raikin. The actor was cheerful and happy, and also gave a press-conference on which has shared the impressions of Tobolsk and clear your health. Reporters noted that the man tries to stay, although it was evident that it hurt to move. Journalists reported that the star limping when walking.

      However, Raikin decided to refrain from participating in performances at the capital theatre “the Satyricon”. On the website of the cultural institutions appeared information that the January performances, employing an artist were replaced by others. It was also reported that Raikin has received a serious muscle injury.

      Recall that a solo performance “Konstantin Raikin. In your own words” based on a favorite piece of the star. The plot of the play, the actor reads a poem by David Samoilov, Nikolai Zabolotsky, Nikolai Rubtsov, Osip Mandelstam, Lope de VEGA, and Alexander Pushkin.

      Data about what happened to Konstantin Arkadievich, yet, the TV channel “360”.