Konstantin Meladze was accused of plagiarism

Константина Меладзе обвинили в плагиате A man has filed a lawsuit to recover their rights. Dmitry Tretyakov claims that he is the co-author of the hit “the Play is over”, which takes Polina Gagarina. The song was released five years ago, only now the man decided to prove his innocence.

Recently it became known that the famous composer Konstantin Meladze filed in court. Muscovite Dmitry Tretyakov says that he was one of the founders of the famous hit Polina Gagarina “the Play is over.” In April this year, the man appealed to the judges to defend their right. As defendants he named Konstantin Meladze and “Russian authors society”.

However, in late may, the Presnensky court of Moscow dismissed from the consideration of a claim. By law, the case cannot be reviewed for a number of reasons, including if the dispute can be resolved without the involvement of judges.

Interestingly, the song Polina Gagarina “the Play is over” was released in early 2012, and after a while the song made a video. Despite the fact that the release date it was just five years Dmitri, who considers himself the author, only now tried to claim their rights.

For Polina Gagarina this song has a special meaning. After the release of the song in 2007, “I’ll never forgive,” which also was written by Konstantin Meladze, the actress left the scene for five years. After the break, the winner of the second “star Factory” was happy that the producer has written to her such a hit as “Show’s over” that managed to catch the fancy of many listeners. To Pauline this song was kind of personal – she broke up with her husband Peter Kislov, the marriage with whom she had a son Andrew.

“In my life happened the breakup, when I was very worried. Farewell is painful for many people. The two break up, suffer, and include my songs… the Best of them are written by Konstantin Meladze, but it apparently sees me as a dramatic singer. But now we’re done with this topic, really!” – said Gagarin in an interview with “StarHit”.

Despite the fact that the producer and singer have been collaborating for five years, they stop working together. The fans still don’t know the exact reasons for such a step. Konstantin Meladze explained why said goodbye to the soloists of “VIA gra”

As it became known edition of Life, Dmitry says that the song “the Play is over,” he together with Konstantin Meladze wrote back in 2004.