Konstantin Meladze said why it fired the soloists of “VIA gra”

Константин Меладзе рассказал, почему увольнял солисток «ВИА Гры»

In 17 years of existence of group “VIA Gra” its composition has been about 20 girls. The soloist has varied almost every year, sometimes the audience does not remember the singers and divided them into “black-blonde-redhead”. It was rumored that no one performer may not work with the producer and founder of the Konstantin Meladze due to its excessive and heavy-handed requirements. And finally, Meladze decided to reveal the secret of why so often dismissed singers of “VIA gra”.

As it turned out, it’s all in the contract, which encompasses the well-known figure in the music industry. In the paper he prescribes strict requirements for their wards. If the singer allows himself to violate the terms of the agreement, Konstantin Meladze immediately with her saying goodbye. For example, without the permission of the employer, the singer of “VIA gra” can even change the color of the hair. However, all these nuances do not come up unexpectedly for the artist. Constantine sensitive registers all points to his demands fell on the girl like a snowball.
Although, according to the producer, this contract is a pure formality. Everything is decided by personal relationship and sympathy. For Meladze is more important than the individual qualities of a person and communication with him than a piece of paper with conditions. When the soloist does not meet expectations or communication with her is difficult in psychological terms, to part with it.

Constantine admits that in a narrow circle there is a joke about it: if people no longer like Meladze or disappointed him, coming imminent dismissal. Terminates the cooperation with famous producer, quickly and peremptorily. This story happened Meseda Bagautdinova. The girl was warned for the last three shows that you have to leave the group.
However, Konstantin Meladze says that today without a contract will not do any business relationship. The document primarily aims to protect the rights of the artist in extreme situations.
We will remind, at the awards ceremony MUZ-TV Konstantin Meladze recognized as “Best producer of the decade”. His music company Velvet Music wants to get to work all the modern novice performers. But he chooses the best – he has collaborated with such singers as Vera Brezhneva, Tree and Anna Pletneva.