Konstantin Meladze pleaded guilty in front of family

Константин Меладзе признал вину перед семьей Well-known producer only recently realized how important it is to devote time to children.After birth daughters and a son Konstantin Meladze has devoted all his time to the work. Despite the divorce with his ex-wife, he maintained excellent relations with the heirs.

      Константин Меладзе признал вину перед семьей

      At the famous musician and producer Konstantin Meladze grow three children. In the first marriage with Jana Amounts birth of daughter Alice and Leah, and son Valery. Although presently he has a new family with the singer Vera Brezhneva, he maintains warm relationships with their children. Constantine made it clear that he regrets that not much attention was paid to the children when they were babies.

      “I was very late to reach some things in life are really important. At that time, to be honest, I don’t have time to feel all the importance of having children, didn’t really enjoy this incredible happiness. I was obsessed with work, music career, lived in an illusory world, staying in the Studio from morning to evening. I was in a hurry, my mind was only self-realization and a lot of projects, they became more and more”, – says Konstantin.

      Only 45 years a famous producer was able to realize the importance of family. He gradually began to understand that for him the main thing in life, and what can depart on the second plan. He became more interested in the heirs, their interests, feelings and desires.

      “I opened my eyes, I began to see the outside world, began to emerge slowly from this submarine. And only then began really to need children and in their personal lives, in their home. My children are just wonderful,” said Meladze.

      Despite the fact that the father of three children was hard at work almost the entire period of their maturation, the heirs Meladze believe that they had a truly happy childhood. And now they have a great time with dad – going out in nature, go to the movies, relax and listen to music. But at some point Meladze had to face some problems in the education of the eldest daughter of Alice. He was forced to read huge amount of books to understand what is happening in his relationship with the younger girl.

      “Two years, she rebelled and fought with their own parents, – Konstantinov said in an interview with “Telenedelya”. – Rejected everything that was on our part, ideas, suggestions and advice, and didn’t understand why restricting it in any way. Argued with us for any reason. But now, two years later, it is gradually getting better”.

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