Konstantin Meladze officially presented the new soloist of “VIA gra”

Константин Меладзе официально представил новую солистку «ВИА Гры» Olga Muganskaya joined the popular group. About the new appointment was announced by the representatives of the producer center Meladze in social networks. The girl changed Misha Romanov, who decided to make a career break and concentrate on personal life.
Константин Меладзе официально представил новую солистку «ВИА Гры»

26-year-old Olga Muganskaya officially became a member of the group “VIA Gra”. The girl joined Eric Herceg and Anastasia Kozhevnikova. Information about the new appointment was announced by the representatives of the producer center Konstantin Meladze.

Before to take the place of Misha Romanova, Muganskaya lived in St. Petersburg and was educated at one of the local schools. In connection with the new work she is going to arrange a sabbatical. “The possibility of contributions too. I really hope for a positive result and I will still allow you to continue training a bit later”, – says Olga.

Konstantin Meladze said goodbye to one of the soloists of “VIA gra”

“Olga was born in Yaroslavl. From early childhood the girl is engaged in music, graduated from music school, but the first higher education in the specialty “teacher of history and English.” At the moment Olga is studying for a 3 course pop music Department at the Leningrad College of culture and arts”, – added in the production centre.

Fans of “VIA gra” Olga congratulated on his new appointment. According to them, a girl worthy of replacing Misha Romanova. Apparently, Muganskaya got into the group through social networking. It is known that some time ago production center Meladze announced the casting wanting to start a career in show business. Olga is actively on Instagram, which signed more than four thousand people. Judging by microblog Eganskoe, she loves to participate in photo shoots and is a frequent speaker in various establishments.

Misha Romanova left the band, as it prepares to become a mother. In pregnancy, the artist decided to make a break. About how long will her maternity leave, while Mike thinks of.

“The most important task of a woman is love. And sometimes she needs a firm decision. For a while the artist in me lost to a woman… So I’m leaving the band, but leave a piece of his soul,” Romanova wrote on Instagram.

Misha fans have supported her decision and wished them further success. The actress was touched by a large number of warm words and thanked for the support. “Very nice and happy to know that nearby there is you” – with these words, Romanov turned to his followers. In addition, the singer expressed the hope that very soon you see her again with the fans.

Misha Romanova was a member of the popular group Konstantin Meladze with 2013. At the time the girl took part in the show “Want in VIA GRU” together with Erica Herceg and Anastasia Kozhevnikova. In the final draft this composition won first place.