Konstantin Meladze first told about the secret wedding with Vera Brezhneva

Константин Меладзе впервые рассказал о тайной свадьбе с Верой Брежневой Some time ago, the renowned producer celebrated the milestone anniversary. In October, two years have passed since that moment, as Konstantin Meladze legitimized their relationship with Vera Brezhneva. The ceremony took place in Italy, away from the media and other prying eyes.
Константин Меладзе впервые рассказал о тайной свадьбе с Верой Брежневой

Over the weekend, Konstantin Meladze and Vera Brezhnev noted an important anniversary. For two years producer and singer a happy marriage. The secret ceremony took place in Italy. Until recently, he preferred to refrain from detailed stories about important events in their lives. However, in the program of Boris Korchevnikov “the Destiny of man” figure in the show business for the first time shared details of the celebration.

Konstantin Meladze decided on a bold confession about Vera Brezhneva

According to Meladze, they Brezhneva deliberately decided not to disclose change in marital status. The couple feared the excessive hype surrounding the wedding.

“There was nobody [at the wedding]. We did it simply, the two of us. The wedding was held in Italy. We tried one not to strain and not to make any noise. I think it absolutely natural when people care about each other, so as not to startle her happiness and leave some island normal, human life. Nevertheless we wanted to remove some photographer was some local paparazzi”, – said the producer.

Despite the prying of journalists, the lovers still managed to retire.

Константин Меладзе впервые рассказал о тайной свадьбе с Верой Брежневой“We failed to arrange a quiet wedding we wanted. But in any case we were there for the normal two or three days as we would have wanted, and not, as prescribed by the etiquette or ceremonial complex rules. It seems to me that public people sometimes want to be left with the feeling that you are a normal person,” shared the man.

Presenter Boris korchevnikov asked the worker of show business about how he and Faith spent a few days abroad. Meladze admitted that he and his wife were very happy.

“Great [wedding]. In the morning, got up, went to the town hall, it was near the hotel. We painted the town mayor and all. We went, sat in the restaurant on the beach. Fabulous. Walking, blissed out… For us all the time ran some sort of Italian photographer, we had been hiding from him. It was very exciting. We dodged it absolutely brilliantly. The result was a single image. Terrible,” recalled Meladze.
Константин Меладзе впервые рассказал о тайной свадьбе с Верой Брежневой

Speaking of his wife, a well-known producer admitted that she takes part in numerous different projects. Because of his employment Vera Brezhneva is often on the move.

Константин Меладзе впервые рассказал о тайной свадьбе с Верой Брежневой“All she does, she brings to a logical conclusion. Before you do this is very far from the music business (Vera Brezhneva is a goodwill Ambassador for the UN HIV – Approx.) it is in all it penetrated – I have read and met people who have this issue – said Meladze. – She very much goes, as Ambassador, and sometimes in different countries. This is in addition to the tour. I can’t say that I am very happy, but try to be understanding.”

Figure of show-business sees the wife as an extremely caring person. “So all she does, she fulfills to the full extent”, – said Konstantin. Speaking about relations Meladze and Brezhnev, korchevnikov remembered the story of the sculptor Pygmalion, who fell in love with his creation – a statue of Galatea. The producer laughed when I heard this comparison.

“A lot of similarities, but the real question is, who’s the Pygmalion and Galatea who. It is necessary to think… – said Meladze. – Of course, Faith has brought much to my life. In many respects it has opened my eyes to some other things, much more attractive. I used to only do music and career growth. When she appeared in my life, I began to travel, where to travel, watch… Like out of a submarine”.

The producer added that not building from a “polubotka”. According to Meladze, it develops in the actors those qualities that they already originally there. “I’m not her [Vera Brezhnev] made such a kind and beautiful. It’s her mom and dad,” – said the husband of the famous singer.

The question Korchevnikov about whether Brezhnev destroyed his family, he replied in the negative. “No one from the family is not gone. Am I the calf? As I do you can take away?” – ironically the producer.