Konstantin Meladze explained why said goodbye to the soloists of “VIA gra”

Константин Меладзе объяснил, почему распрощался с солистками «ВИА Гры» The producer obliges the actors to strictly follow the terms of the contract. According to Meladze, he wouldn’t hesitate to break a contract with a member of the group if it does not comply with the rules. In particular, it will not be kept in groups of pregnant participants.
Константин Меладзе объяснил, почему распрощался с солистками «ВИА Гры»

A well-known figure in the music industry Konstantin Meladze was recently voted “Best producer of the decade” at the awards ceremony MUZ-TV. Many modern artists dream to get a job in the company Velvet Music that works with such singers as Vera Brezhneva, Tree and Anna Pletneva.

However, according to the producer, he is quite strict with their wards. Meladze, contracts with artists only in order that in case of emergency, to protect the interests of the contractor. However, Constantine quickly says goodbye to the musicians who didn’t meet his expectations.

“Such a thing: if the person has ceased to like me, if he’s disappointed, I’m still this person get rid of. Fire him and all. These things I do very quickly, and I still have a contract or not,” said Meladze.

Many are surprised that the group “VIA Gra”, which was established in 2000 in Kiev, has varied almost every year. As recalled ex-soloist of the band, the rules were tough enough. In particular, while the producer is not allowed, they can’t even change hair color. Konstantin Meladze has banned the soloists of “VIA gra” to change the appearance

However, according to Meladze, the groups with which he works, must comply with certain regulations. It informs artists about these rules when they prihodjat to the group.

“Of course, regret there, but I’m sorry most of that was wrong, not seeing something. If the same person is uncomfortable around me or there are other objective reasons why he could not continue to work with me (e.g., pregnancy), to keep his contract is also useless. I have a principle. Maybe it’s some kind of old-fashioned, but I am deeply convinced that it is impossible to keep a man beside him with some papers,” said Constantine.

As the producer added, many have been unable to succeed, terminating the contract with his record company. “I understand that many artists that went me to say, “VIA gra” – then tried with someone to work. But the amazing thing: when destroyed the unity of artist and producer, the magic takes place,” – said Meladze in the author’s column “Hello!”.

Many participants of the trio “VIA Gra” were told that they suddenly offered to leave the team. Meseda Bagautdinova, said goodbye with the project, recalled how she was difficult at the time.

“I said for the last three shows that you have to leave the group. For me it certainly was a shock. I thank God that I was given the opportunity to get into this team. And then have to go your own way”, – said the artist.