Konstantin Meladze decided on a bold confession about Vera Brezhneva

Константин Меладзе решился на смелое признание о Вере Брежневой The producer spoke about his marriage to a famous singer. According to Konstantin Meladze, they with Vera Brezhneva are constantly on the move. The couple invented their own system of signs to maintain long-distance relationships.
Константин Меладзе решился на смелое признание о Вере Брежневой

Konstantin Meladze gave an interview to journalist Dmitry Gordon in which he told about his childhood, his career and shared his views on life. So, for the recognition of producer and composer, he has virtually no favorite songs. “I am deeply insecure man. To this day, regalia forced me to believe in their strength,” – said the worker of show business.

During the meeting with Dmitry Constantine also talked about wife Faith Brezhneva. Producer recalled about his first meeting with his future wife.

“Vera Brezhnev came to one of the concerts of our band on stage and sang into the microphone. Our Manager saw her and took the phone. Then we called her to audition, made videoproby. They brought me in absolute delight, because I thought she was a copy of Brigitte Bardot in his youth. Don’t want to offend anyone, but objectively the greatest success of the ex-participants of “VIA gra” Vera Brezhnev made. She is beautiful and sexy and she is also part-my wife. Grand if she got married? Rather, I Grand married,” said Meladze in the program “visiting Dmitry Gordon”.
Константин Меладзе решился на смелое признание о Вере Брежневой

The producer thinks Brezhnev wonderful human being that is capable of a lot of fruitful work. “When we took her to the group, she could neither dance nor sing. The whole history of “VIA gra” – pure “Pygmalion,” said the man. To become a full-fledged singer of the group, the future star was sent for special courses.

Константин Меладзе решился на смелое признание о Вере Брежневой“I visited once a week these classes and watched her advancing. The effect was startling. This is comparable to some cartoon, when time and five seconds grows tomatoes. The same thing happened with Faith. After a year of work in the group it was an absolute star!” – said Konstantin.

The romance between Meladze and Brezhnev emerged immediately. When the singer married businessman Mikhail Kiperman in 2006, the composer did not protest against the wedding because had no feelings for the artist. “If I had feelings, only about the fact that she would have to finish his career,” said the man. Only with time, the producer took a look at the asset differently.

“The ideal woman is the one with which you feel good and you’re happy. Everyone has his own ideal. It should match you like the key to the lock. I have a feeling that our love affair with Faith lasts forever, I met her in the year 63, – said Meladze, laughing. – With the appearance of this man, my life changed. I finally raised my head from the keyboard… Even I raised, and she took me by the hair. (…) I didn’t care where I rest, what I eat. I very much miss, because he was a maniacally passionate about their work. And Faith gave me a kick and woke the interest of a life other than the Studio and the music.”

In addition, Konstantin Meladze told about their children – Alice, Leah and Valerie. They were born from a previous relationship with producer Yana Amounts.

Константин Меладзе решился на смелое признание о Вере Брежневой“My kids make all sorts of different. Alice graduated from high school and goes to College in Kiev. Middle daughter Leah in Israel in the camp, she has been vocal and choreography. I think she has the talent, but push it I will not. Son goes to school. Our Faith children, in General, are friends. Now Leah was with us in Italy, she communicates well with her daughter Faith Sarah… It’s complicated, of course. And now difficult, and will. You know, the kind thing. The more you have brothers and sisters, so you will be easier in later adult life. I know that for sure. If I didn’t have Valera and Vines, we would have accomplished nothing,” says the composer.

Moderator invited the producer to publicly confess his love to his wife. But the composer refused and explained why. Konstantin Meladze also said that he was constantly thinking about the second half and worried about her. Despite the fact that spouses are often on the move, they manage to maintain harmony in relationships.

“There are things that you need to speak personally in the eyes. I don’t think it would be nice if I scream at the TV how much I loved her. We have other characters and other codes with which we send each other vibes in the distance. We are far away from each other, because she tours a lot, and I always go. But we somehow have learned to minimize the distance between us. After all, when you’re home, everything is much simpler: he took her hand, and all. But when she’s in America, you have to work”, – says the man.