Konstantin Kryukov noted the birthday in Prague

Константин Крюков отметил день рождения в Праге
The actor shared details of the celebration.

Константин Крюков отметил день рождения в Праге

Konstantin Kryukov

Photo: Instagram

Konstantin Kryukov celebrates his birthday today the actor
turned 32. Noisy party in the capital on this occasion the actor
traditionally, the satisfied with later, and today he celebrates the holiday in a narrow circle
close friends, accepting congratulations from colleagues and sum up the past
year, being in Prague.

“Today I turn 32, — shared the actor. — Thank you
God for that all is as it is. Thank you to my most favorite in the world
parents for the love! Thanks to my beloved wife the whole family! Thank you
loyal friends! Thanks to everyone with whom I worked on a great deal
The “movie”. I love You all very much and hope that this, new to me
year, we will meet any more, laugh more, love more and more
to work. Well… a couple of times Romanum on holidays! Hurrah!”

Now Konstantin with wife Alina is located in Czech Republic. Case
that actor has long been in love in the sights of Prague,
and in the famous Czech cuisine. “The best gift on birthday!” — so
the actor signed a photo of a plate of delicious roast duck, dumplings, sausages
and standing nearby cask beer. The actor did the restaurant close
the centre of Prague, near the famous Wenceslas square.

Photo: Instagram