Konstantin Kinchev is in intensive care with a heart attack

Константин Кинчев лежит в реанимации с инфарктом

57-year-old leader of the group “Alice” rushed to the St. Petersburg center. Almazov directly from the garden, and he immediately did heart surgery.

In the clinic of Constantine kincheva brought in by helicopter – truly in this emergency mode, the musician was taken from district hospital in the Luga district of the Leningrad region.

How did you find Woman’s Day, the rock musician became ill when he was at his dacha about 75 miles from the city of Luga, so at first he was taken to a local hospital, and then decided to send to St. Petersburg.

Helicopter flight air ambulance took just over an hour. According to doctors, the condition Kintchev all this time it was stable.

However, the specialists of Federal North-West medical research centre. Almazov confirmed the diagnosis Luga physicians: acute coronary syndrome. And this, according to cardiologists, almost certainly indicates the onset of the heart attack.

So the doctors decided not to hesitate and immediately had surgery. This is with reference to sources in Klina reported by news Agency FlashNord.

“The patient underwent surgery, will live”, – reports the words of his source, however, the name of the doctor is not called.

Entourage Kintchev this information has not yet commented. It is known that the musician had been coronary angiography (study of blood vessels), after which he was placed in intensive care.

It is not excluded that in the near future Constantine still have a very serious coronary artery bypass surgery of the heart, similar to the one done in 1996 by the then Russian President Boris Yeltsin.

On the official website of the band “Alisa” it is reported that the coming concerts canceled due to the health of the musician. It was planned that Kinchev will perform on may 6 in Yekaterinburg and on 14 may in Israel. And on July 1, was scheduled performance of “Alice” in St. Petersburg.

By the way, all the information on the website posted wife Kintchev, Alexander Panfilov, who concurrently is the official press-the Secretary of the group.

She later told reporters that “he got better”, however, according to the latest data, Kinchev is still in intensive care.

In social networks, fans of “Alice” to actively support their idol.

“Hold On, Kostya! We are together!” – write numerous fans of the group, reciting the lines of one of the most famous songs of “Alice”.

And many of them suggest to pray to God, because today is good Friday – the most mournful day in the Church calendar (the Friday before Easter, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ), and Kinchev is long and very deeply religious man.

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