Konstantin Kinchev got tired of staying in the hospital

Константин Кинчев устал от пребывания в больнице He was placed in the intensive care unit of the medical research center named after V. A. Almazov with a diagnosis of “acute coronary syndrome” on April 29. The leader of group “Alisa” is recovering rapidly and no longer wants to be in the clinic.

      Константин Кинчев устал от пребывания в больнице

      29 APR all fans of the “Alice” were shocked by the news that their favorite, the band leader Konstantin Kinchev was in intensive care. 57-year-old musician was in his country house when he became ill with heart. Singer in serious condition was urgently hospitalized by helicopter in the North-West Federal medical research center named after V. A. Almazov. Rocker fans prayed for his health and supported Kintchev in socialnih networks.

      The doctors gave the musician a diagnosis of “acute coronary syndrome” and had operated a rock star. A week ago Kinchev became better, he was transferred from intensive care to a regular room, and now doctors are discussing the question about his statement. It is expected that Constantine would be able to leave the hospital in two weeks. According to the press-attaché of the artist Alexandra Panfilova, Kinchev is on the mend.

      “Constantine feels OK, but psychologically suffering. He was tired in the hospital, can’t wait to get to freedom! He’s like a caged animal now, bored already in intensive care. But doctors must pay tribute, they show incredible attention and care,” – said the representative of the stars. Accurate discharge date is not reported. Perhaps it’s kept secret that fans have not started to be on duty at the door of the medical center.

      It is assumed that Kinchev have to spend several months in rehab. In this regard, all the coming concerts of the rock band have been cancelled. The group had to pass a speech in Yekaterinburg on the sixth of may in Israel 14th. Ural concert was postponed and the show in tel Aviv cancelled.

      Konstantin Kinchev – the leader of the rock group “Alisa”, formed in Leningrad in 1983. The musician along with the band released 19 albums. During its creative period, the band managed to star in a movie, in the films “walk the line”, “Ya-GHA” and “Cracker”.

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