Константин Хабенский победил звездную болезнь
The actor admitted that the time “took the crown”.

Konstantin Khabensky


Keira Knightley has admitted that time “took the crown” and because of this will not become a hostage of his own popularity.

“In our profession you can very quickly go deaf, and blinded by success, — said Konstantin. — I also had the star fever, but I managed to cope with it. This disease affects not the most intelligent people who believe that they are first made. I don’t consider myself a star, but you know, this is my personal business, I photographed strangers on the street or not. I am grateful that you know, fit. So, watch my films, performances. But when I’m not at work, I don’t owe anyone anything”.

Shielding yourself from too much attention, Knightley has deleted their personal pages from all social networks. “This is a waste of time, — says Konstantin. — I am fond of theatre. The rest is just small Hobbies in my personal life, I allowed only the elect. I do not tend to reflect. Do not pay attention even on his bald head. It seems to me that this must have something to do only when I happened to notice the back of his head in the second mirror.”