Konstantin Khabensky was offended by colleagues of brad pitt

Константин Хабенский обиделся на коллег Брэда Питта Very soon fans of the actor will see him in the film “Selfie”. In anticipation of the premiere of keira Knightley gave an interview in which he remembered about working with brad pitt. Once they starred in the blockbuster “war of the worlds Z”, but the Russian artist cut from the final release.
Константин Хабенский обиделся на коллег Брэда Питта

Yesterday in Moscow hosted a pre-premiere screening of the Thriller “Selfie” Nicholas Khomeriki. In wide release film will be released on 1 January. In anticipation of this event, starring Konstantin Khabensky answered a few questions in an online broadcast of the popular service. The actor spoke about his role in the film based on the novel by Sergei Minaev, charity and working in Hollywood.

In 2013 released American film “world War Z”, starring brad pitt, who also one of the producers of the picture. The Director of the film was Marc Forster. Keira Knightley starred in the film one of the roles. Journalists wrote that the actor was supposed to appear in the final stage, called “Battle for Moscow”. However, in the final version, cut it out, changing the ending. In a recent interview, the actor commented on the decision of Hollywood colleagues.

“Cut, is very disappointing. Because we took the final, and it took me two months of life. With a month of night shifts in Budapest. It was very interesting work, collaboration with brad pitt,” said the actor.
Константин Хабенский обиделся на коллег Брэда Питта

According to Knightley, he turned out perfectly find a common language with the staff of “dream factory”. The actor appeared with different proposals, and brad pitt with colleagues were willing to meet him to remove the “Moscow” scenes.

“On set we have organized three visionaries. It all started when I made a remark about how best to show Russia. Then brad Ivanovich began to ask other questions, we began to disassemble the stage. So we started to dream and come up almost to the finals – says the actor. – We were shooting on a huge ship, which was covered in frost. The antidote to the bites was my hero, I was a key that opened doors in the second film.”
Константин Хабенский обиделся на коллег Брэда Питта

Great work done by filming films, did not prevent the producers make the decision to change the ending. They refused the character Khabensky, who played a key role.

“I was relaxed, and then remaking the entire quarter of the film. Without me in another country, almost without blood. I think the main complaint was being too “bloody”, the rating fell to 12+”, – said Konstantin.

Knightley also admitted that some time stronger value their time. “More adults, whether that was”, says the artist. Constantine continues to receive offers from other countries, but to work with Russian Directors it is interesting. However the actor sometimes makes an exception.

“I agree to meet with someone who I am very interested in the profession gets the respect. For example, Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, brad pitt, Jude law, Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman… I understand why there was a bit of fun in a strange language to me, maybe to patch up holes on your not even English, and Papuan, and communicate with these people,” shared the actor with Kinopoisk.ru.