Константин Хабенский поблагодарил участников и зрителей «Голоса»
The First channel will once again help the charity Fund of the actor.

Konstantin Khabensky

Tomorrow, the First will host the semi-finals of the show “the Voice”, the results of which
determined the finalists of the project. The income of the First channel and other partners
assembled during the audience voting this Friday, will be listed
The Charitable Fund Konstantin Khabensky.

“Philanthropy today has ceased to be
something akin to the space industry, how it sounded before: “to save one
life, we urgently need to raise tens of millions of rubles, — says Konstantin Khabensky. — Now we together with you are no longer close our eyes at the sight of a huge
amounts and know what success is possible to achieve, what number of people to help,
just listing the smallest donations. The main thing — to help
systematically, thanks to regular support, we, like other
charities can plan their activities on a few steps
forward and address not only urgent, but important strategic objectives. All
of the Foundation team and our players I want to say thank you to the First channel and its
partners for regular already support. Thank you to all who examine the plot of
our work and sends an SMS in support of favorite artist, and hence in
support our wards. Together we can do much more!”

In previous seasons the show “the Voice” has helped Fund.

“The real results of your care speak
for yourself: the SMS sent to concerned viewers several
seasons of the show “the Voice”, 69 boys and 64 girls
brain tumors have received a variety of support: for several guys
we paid a number of surveys and high-tech treatment several bought
of essential medicines part of our children together with parents could
time to fly to Moscow to the best doctors and to return home after treatment, and
few of the boys — rehab and quickly begin to return to
everyday life. Thank you very much to everyone who made this possible!” says
Director of the Fund Konstantin Khabensky Alyona Meshkova.