Константин Хабенский рассказал, кто помог ему пережить смерть первой жены
The actor gave a Frank interview to Yury Dude.

Konstantin Khabensky

Photo: Artyom Geodakyan/TASS

Keira Knightley rarely talks about his personal life and, moreover, almost never speaks on such a sad topic as the loss of his beloved wife. Recall that the first actor’s wife Anastasia died after a long battle with cancer. That she’s sick, Habenskii learned immediately after the birth of their first child, a son, Ivan.

“We got the diagnosis too late, — said the actor on the channel “wdwd”. — At first, the doctors are all dumped on the pregnancy. It is not suggested that maybe here this turn. But all that is done, maybe for the best. Because otherwise, if found early, can be, and roly wouldn’t have seen the light. A wise man said to me, “Kostya, if you’re going for him to drag those anchors of your errors and doubts… just look at them again and realize that you made the right choice then. These anchors themselves cut off”. If we took this story in a movie, no one we would not have believed it. On the day of the birth of the new man, reveals a completely different diagnosis in humans begat…

I didn’t expect to have so many really true friends. This terrible situation suddenly showed people something very right. Helped me in many ways. It made me very internally supported. But I can’t say that and now let go of this situation. Conversations with my son from time to time occur. He knows what happened. And his grandmother has to say on this subject. She even now took on the function of mom. He knows, understands and is afraid to face it myself.”

Also Khabensky and told about the mistake he made during the treatment: “everyone has the right to try all chances to save or be saved. But I think it’s a mistake to refer to traditional healers who have huge talent to speak. This “sharps” that are in your story shear for such money! Through such a person was Alexander Abdulov. I flew to another country Kyrgyzstan to chat with this person. This appeal is very much not there at some point stole the whole story. We used his gadgets and bells and whistles, it was a big mistake, which led to the second surgery. Unfortunately or fortunately, everything aligned: the joy and happiness, and horror…”