Konstantin Khabensky presented his film at a private party

Константин Хабенский представил свой фильм на закрытой вечеринке
The actor shared the first details of his directorial debut.

Константин Хабенский представил свой фильм на закрытой вечеринке

Konstantin Khabensky

Photo: Press service

Anna Tsukanova-Cott

Photo: Press service

Recently Konstantin Khabensky presented
the public footage of the film “Sobibor,” which debuted as a Director. I wonder
what a long time the name of the Director of the film about the only successful escape from
concentration camps during the Second World war was kept secret. Constantine
only became the Creator of the film, but also played the main role —Lieutenant
The Soviet army of Alexander Pechersky, who managed three weeks in captivity
to plan an uprising of prisoners from different countries of Europe.

“We tried not to compete with those
paintings of world cinema that show all the horrors of war, murder
and cruelty, — said Konstantin Khabensky. We wanted to tell about the people
which passed through the sieve of the concentration camps, the people next to them was breathing
death. We wanted to show and the people on the other side of the fence, who knew
what is happening around, but couldn’t do it.”

The evening passed in a format of public talk with writer Alexander by Tsypkin and became loud
the completion of a series of closed-door meetings in Moscow. For 4 days of the French brandy
the house has surprised the Moscow audience with unexpected performances, new experiences and
meetings with the heroes of his time, Sergei Shnurov, Grisha Urgant, Maxim
Vitorgan, Alexander by Tsypkin and Petr Aksenov.