Konstantin Ivlev got to Hell’s kitchen

Константин Ивлев попал на «Адскую кухню»
“Friday!” starts on the legendary show.

Константин Ивлев попал на «Адскую кухню»

The shooting of the program “Hell’s kitchen” (Photo: press-service “Friday!”)

Photo: (Photo: press-service “Friday!”)

Spectacular culinary duel with a world name and
Russian scale starts on 20 September.

The format of the project known all over the world. Channel
“Friday!” and the famous restaurateur Konstantin Ivlev present their “Hell
kitchen” — a ruthless hell in which there is no place for wimps and incompetents. Here
everyone needs to work hard and be every moment at the height and
alert – because cunning and deceit become heroes with the same assistants
on the way to victory, like their chef’s experience and skill.

Eighteen lucky winners held a huge casting and
opened the doors of “Hell’s kitchen”. Now they should forget about what was, and what
positions were occupied at the threshold of the show. The project will be a school of survival and
culinary University, and chief Ivlev – teacher, mentor and a strict judge.

for a real Russian “Hell’s kitchen”! They will observe the weave and
the intricacies of human destinies, because Hell’s Kitchen is not only
the story of the restaurant, it is a story about
people, – says Konstantin Ivlev. — For the heroes of Hell’s kitchen is a real kitchen and restaurant
University. Probably because fate and God that I can not only cook,
but to teach people. Unfortunately, we, Russian, there are two tidbits is
the carrot and stick. So I can speak in the language of stick, and language
whip. And if the participants of the project I will not understand the first time, when I
explain to them in Russian, of course, the second time I talk to them
emotionally. In life and at home I’m a very kind person, calm, I almost
impossible to ruffle. And in working condition my emotions.
It is important to understand that the real boss everything is at stake. A restaurant is its
reputation, his money, his family. So if my money or reputation
someone had encroached, so they automatically infringe on my family. And who is on my
the family will threaten to end!”

Every day Hell’s kitchen, and her Boss put in front of
wards new challenges and tasks with which to cope, only
breaking the hard pressure and the pressure that Ivlev generously addicted
heroes. Because it’s a weakness – an invalid humility, and minor error –
already defeated. Participants will have to work hard to prove to his Boss and
all over the country that they deserve to stand on a par with the best chefs in the world.

Award for testing will be generous. The winner
“Hell’s kitchen” is waiting for a cash prize in the amount of one million roubles and a place in
the team of Konstantin Ivlev.

The shooting of the program “Hell’s kitchen”

Photo: press service of “Friday!”