Константин Иванов заговорил о серьезных финансовых проблемах на «Доме-2» Ex-member of telestroke, who planned to return to the show place with Alexandra Goias, criticized the rules imposed by the producers. Konstantin Ivanov publicly appealed to the leadership of “House-2”, urging him to take action, otherwise the project will be closed due to low ratings.
Константин Иванов заговорил о серьезных финансовых проблемах на «Доме-2»

Konstantin Ivanov was going to return to the “House-2” together with Alexandra Goias. In telestroke has introduced new rules under which former members may try again to make love under the gun cameras. Who will be on the project, decide the audience. A pair of Ivanov and Hosius was one of the leaders in the voting, but the rules, according to Constantine, suddenly changed.

“If you want to return, then you must take them. Namely Alexandra Goias (one and do not care that she is in a relationship) and Gobozov will drop the project on January 22. Having been on the project a week, the participants, which few people remember by name, will vote who of the two of them, “old” participants who were invited by the chief editors, to somehow pull the rating will remain. Gobozov is already sleeping with a girl on telestroke, it is clear that it will leave. And Goias will stick out on the vote,” – said Ivanov in the microblog.

Constantine believes that the project has a grudge against former participants. In his opinion, the producers could not suit the tastes of the decision of many young people to go beyond the perimeter, despite the requests of the employees of the “House-2”. Moreover, Ivanov said that the TV show is going through hard times.

“The project has long been under threat of closure due to very low ratings. Cut the salaries of employees, editors were more likely to call old members and experts on a variety of shows, which pay from 10 to 25 thousand roubles for an exit. This somehow raises the interest in the project. The current composition of participants sank and Alexei Mikhailovsky as a producer who was one of the originators of the project”, – said Konstantin.

According to Ivanov, now on a reality show is not looking for love, as originally intended. Ex-member of telestroke sure that the vote was invented by the producers, does not affect the real situation. Constantine believes that the project will develop according to a pre-written script.

“The project is alive only benefit of the participant (will do anything you say, just not kicked) or producers (what else to do, and advertising contracts are burning, not rated). All of these voting is a complete mess. Just a tool for the script of the show. Gobozov needs to be in the picture, and he will be there no matter what. I am sure that we will remove from the ballot with the wording “on family circumstances”, – said Ivanov.

Constantine also publicly appealed to the producers of telestroke in social networks. “The founders of this “Titanic”! I appeal to you, as your cow no longer has enough milk and almost fell on her side. Reconsider the attitude of the parties, be treated as people, not like hamsters, and do not consider only their own interests,” concluded the young man.