Константина Эрнста обязали платить штраф из-за Шурыгиной Director of the First channel encountered difficulties. As it became known, bailiffs require a fine. Programme about Diana Shurygina violated a number of laws.
Константина Эрнста обязали платить штраф из-за Шурыгиной

Last year’s releases “Let them talk” with Diana Shurygina made a lot of noise. In the plots promoted teenage alcoholism and immoral behavior. Danilovskiy bailiffs of the capital brought the enforcement proceedings on Konstantin Ernst. The General Director of the First channel must pay a fine in the amount of 5 thousand rubles. The decision was made by the magistrate Victoria Dzerzhinsk. The series “Let them talk” with Shurygino violated the law “On protection of children from information harmful to their health and development”.

“In the editions described the sexual abuse of a seventeen year old Diana Shurygina, with compassion for the victim of violence, the public does not arise. On the contrary, many of the panelists side with the rapist,” reads the resolution.

In addition, the number of frames almost agitate people to drinking alcohol “In the program demonstrates a video in which Diana Shurygina in the company of young people went to the car and one of the participants in the video says that “Diana buhoma in the trash. Weirdo”. The Diana does not deny this fact and not expressed some sort of negative attitude to what is happening in the video. Also one of the participants of the TV program says, “All teenagers drink, honestly, most teenagers drink, walk with the young men, it’s OK”. None of the participants in a program she didn’t mind. Thus, this information can cause in children the desire to drink alcohol, which is a violation,” said the judge.

Initially, the complaint was sent to Roskomnadzor by people who’ve watched programs about Shurygino. “Made the Protocol not being told about the girl, but for the fact that this story came out at the wrong time”, – said the employee of Roskomnadzor Tatiana Deniskina.

According to “the Source”, despite such a low amount of the fine, Ernst still refuses to repay. No penalties for delay shall not be calculated. And in two and a half years it reset. That is why Constantine L. may not chew over your bills, a car and two apartments in the house in the Swedish impasse.