Konstantin Ernst announced the return of the legendary show Just the other day, the now ex-host of the show “Fashionable Sentence” Alexander Vasiliev said that until recently he believed in the return of the project to the screens, but with his participation, but now everything has turned upside down.

Konstantin Ernst announced the return of the legendary show Konstantin Ernst announced that the beloved program is returning to the screens, although the characters in it will be completely different.

Konstantin Ernst announced the return to the screens of the legendary show

“Yes, “Fashionable Verdict” is returning to the air. The old presenter will not participate,” the head of Channel One briefly stated.

We would like to remind you that the program stopped airing in 2022. Vasiliev, who devoted almost 14 years of his life to this show, asked when he could go back to work, not wanting to lose his “holy place.” But it is interesting that after the news about the revival of “Fashionable Sentence”, the chief judge of the program said that the decision to change the host was made together with him. Alexander intrigued everyone by saying that he might appear again in the program, but in a different role.

Who exactly will take the leading positions is still unknown.

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