Konstantin Bogomolov spoke about Ksenia Sobchak The couple were predicted a quick divorce.

Konstantin Bogomolov spoke about Ksenia Sobchak Ksenia Sobchak married Konstantin Bogomolov in 2019. For the sake of the director, she left the father of her child, Maxim Vitorgan. Her parting with the actor was quite loud. And Bogomolov and Sobchak arrived at their wedding in a hearse, which provoked another wave of gossip. Many believed that the second marriage of the host would end quickly. But four years later, they still demonstrate an idyll, and Ksenia is often suspected of being pregnant. However, the couple did not have a common child. But periodically spend time with their children from past relationships. Some time ago, there were rumors that Ksenia and Konstantin were on the verge of a divorce. However, this was not confirmed, and they continue to sing praises to each other.

Konstantin Bogomolov spoke about Ksenia Sobchak

Bogomolov admits that their characters and his wife are very different, but this does not interfere with their life together, but rather plays into the hands of something.

“Sometimes her recklessness frightens me “But Xenia's courage is balanced by my super-caution. If I'm Odysseus, she's more like Achilles, who will get into a fight without hesitation … Yes, I'm ready to repeat: I'm not the biggest daredevil in the world (although, perhaps, the only thing I'm really afraid of is – physical pain), but at some point, with my cunning, I hope I save Xenia, where she could die in a desperate throw, “said Konstantin.

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