Konstantin and Valery Meladze shared family problems

Константин и Валерий Меладзе поделились семейными проблемами
The last episode of Yuri Nikolaev “word of honor” was dedicated to Konstantin and Valery Meladze.

Константин и Валерий Меладзе поделились семейными проблемами

In conversation with TV presenter they talked about how their relationship with their spouses.

“We don’t usually argue with women. We are falling behind. Well, Kostya, to a lesser extent, of course, but I can argue sometimes. All women are always trying to command men — we’re trying to resist. Our grandfather did wisely: he was listening to a grandmother who was quite strict and then did things his own way. But never argued. I think it’s way out. Because to argue with a woman is pointless and to do it fully, as required by the woman is absolutely useless. To do things his own way — then you can lose a woman… So you need to listen, show respect,” — Valeriy Meladze.

Constantine admitted that spoil their children, and their upbringing is very soft.

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