Kolisnichenko about the scandal at the audition for SEREBRO: “it would be Better Fadeev thanked us for the interest”

Колисниченко о скандале на кастинге в SEREBRO: «Лучше бы Фадеев поблагодарил нас за интерес» The star of “House-2” outraged by the words of producer. Ekaterina Kolisnichenko have sent a request to audition for the female group. However, Maxim Fadeev has urged former members of the reality show not to hope for success, as, in his opinion, it will be hard to change their image.
Колисниченко о скандале на кастинге в SEREBRO: «Лучше бы Фадеев поблагодарил нас за интерес»

Not so long ago a well-known producer Maxim Fadeev announced the casting for the group SEREBRO. He decided to find a replacement soloist Pauline Tabor. The musician said that each girl who meets the requirements, can record video, which will demonstrate their data. Millions of young singers decided to try their luck in the hope to get into the popular girl trio.

Maxim Fadeev was accused of broken destinies of SEREBRO soloists

Participants of the scandalous project “Dom-2” has also decided to try and record short videos. However, Maxim Fadeev hurried to stop the flow of applications from girls, who became famous after reality show. He made a statement in the microblog.

“I understand the desire of participants of different shows to get into the group SEREBRO. But with this background and reputation, I think it’s impossible. So I would not recommend them to apply for the audition, it doesn’t make sense. We are looking for personalities, not the characters of the once popular television show,” – said the producer and added that he took a lot of time and effort to form a new image of Oleg Miami and Pauline Tabor, who also was known for his TV projects.

Ex-participant of “House-2” Ekaterina Kolisnichenko was among those who applied for participation in the competition. She admitted she was surprised at the statement made by the distinguished man.

“Like any man, I was a little disappointed – it’s frustrating and unpleasant. Although I have already developed some immunity. In 2015, I wanted to get to the project “Voice”, but there I really showed their abilities. I have musical education, I was a soloist of the Kuban Cossack choir, said the girl with “StarHit”. – Moreover, my reputation does not wash, “the House-2″ is not a brand”.

Kolisnichenko admitted that he is not sure in honesty of the casting. It does not exclude that thus the producer attracts additional advertising and promotion. According to the girl, she took this call as a game, and therefore recorded a video.

“Some of us, the participants, more than one million subscribers. On the spot – I thank you for your interest and manifested a warm feeling, said Catherine. Although I’m good to Eliane Golosovoy, but I see that her level of performance is still not necessary”.

Kolisnichenko finds Fadeeva talented musician and producer, despite his harsh words to contestants. She even found a possible justification for such an unpleasant review.

“Maybe he was bombarded with reports that the former participants of “House-2″ large audience, but because they gain the most votes and will get in the top. However, I do not regret that took part,” – said Catherine.