Кочеткова заговорила о законе бумеранга для Гигинеишвили и Михалковой Ex-lover of a famous Director has spoken about his divorce from the heiress of a famous family. Anastasia Kochetkova broke up with Rezo Gigineishvili in 2009, after a young woman plunged into a severe depression.
Кочеткова заговорила о законе бумеранга для Гигинеишвили и Михалковой

Ex-wife Rezo Gigineishvili, Anastasia Kochetkova lives in America along with 11-year-old daughter Maria. After her divorce from a famous Director a graduate of “factory of stars” could again find happiness in his personal life – now she is married with Cuban Miguel. The couple met in acting school.

Anastasia Kochetkova has shared details of a secret wedding

Last year, Gigineishvili divorced Nadezhda Mikhalkova. The couple parted without scandals. According to some, Hope does not prohibit Rezo to communicate with children Nina and Ivan. In a recent interview Kochetkov commented on the breakup ex-wife of the heir to the famous family.

“When Rezo had left me and married Mikhalkova, I didn’t want to hurt them — it’s true. But was always sure that someone else’s grief happiness can not be built. And knowing that they got divorced, not surprised. There is a law of the boomerang, it has not been canceled: all the tears because of you cried the other people, certainly will come back to you. (…) I’m not going to commiserate Mikhalkova and Gigineishvili. But joy is not feel rather sorry. Still, they have two children,” Anastasia said.

The young woman said that if the feelings are faded, children will not save a family. “Nadia was very young when he left for resolution in marriage,” Anastasia added, stressing that she was not trying to hurt anybody.

Says Kochetkov, family life, Gigineishvili was not exemplary behavior. After one of the major fights, the Director came back to Anastasia only a few months later. According to the young woman, her chosen one, he wrote other women.

“I have forgiven, but Gigineishvili remained the same. He remembered how more than once caught Rezo lying, as foreign women, one of whom was called Nadia, continued to send him love messages. What, is that all knowing, saw, Gigineishvili with Mikhalkov and with a smile she shook my hand, friendly manner so, not feeling guilty about it…” – said the singer.

Anastasia and Rezo divorced in 2009 after four years together. According to Kochetkova, it long suffered, surviving the infidelity of a loved one. The singer developed a severe depression. In a difficult moment a young woman was supported by the mother. At some point, Anastasia decided to go abroad, fleeing bad memories and media attention. There she met future husband Miguel. Daughter Kochetkova moved to her last summer. When Mary lived in Moscow, it is occasionally met with his father.

“Instagram saw – like how to communicate. But as far as I know, will take daughter once, make different photos, and then just lays them out. Mary is intelligent, understands everything and, of course, worried about this. And my soul hurts for the daughter. Recently Rezo was in America, Angelina Jolie photographed, and to see Masha time is not found”, – said the singer.

Anastasia hoped that Rezo decides to visit his daughter in the United States. In the words of a young woman, Maria loves the father, so it does not interfere with their meetings. Children Rezo, who were born in his marriage with Nadezhda Mikhalkova, the girl is not talking. “I am against these fake Dating. I think, it is not necessary to injure and Masha and toddlers from the family,” – said Kochetkov with the magazine “Caravan of stories”.