Known hip-hop artists supported the rapper MiyaGi, who lost a one year old son

Известные хип-хоп исполнители поддержали рэпера MiyaGi, потерявшего годовалого сына Label, working with hip-hop artist, confirmed that Azamat Kudzaev can not act on September 15 in Saint-Petersburg due to the tragic death of one-year-old heir. Along him on the stage of the club will have a friends star, Kravtsov, Jacques Anthony and Jillzay.

The tragic news of the death of the son of rapper Azamat Kuzaeva, better known as MiyaGi, shocked his fans. A year-old child fell from the window of the ninth floor and received injuries incompatible with life. The artist has not commented on the sad news.

Became known the details of the death of year-old son of rapper MiyaGi

Later on the official website of Hajime Records label, which cooperates with MiyaGi, there is information about the cancellation of all upcoming concerts.

“The tragic events in the family of Azamat Kuzaeva, can’t remain unnoticed. Unfortunately, we are forced to take a break for an indefinite period and to suspend all creative and concert activity of the band. Please adequately treat the adoption of this decision and to respect the family’s grief and privacy of the artist, his relatives and the environment”, – reported in the official statement.

Fans have reacted with understanding to the news about the cancellation of concerts. “Of course, MiyaGi is now difficult to speak. He is a long way to recover from grief”, “What a nightmare! We are ready to wait for at least three years, if only you came back to us with their texts,” “I Wish you mental strength and once again sorry for Azamat,” wrote fans of the rapper on social networks.

A little later came the information that the concert in Saint Petersburg scheduled for September 15, still held. However, instead of the Duo MiyaGi & the Endgame will be close friends of performers. Rappers have decided to act in solidarity and support of Azamat.

“Close to us in spirit and sound artists will gather on one stage to support MiyaGi. Jillzay (Truwer and 104), Jacque Anthony, Kravtsov and others will perform their best tracks,” reported the official statement of the label.

The ticket holders could be refunded, but the majority of fans Azamat Kudzaev decided to attend an event of this size. According to fans, this action known hip-hop artists will help MiyaGi not to give up and faster to cope with grief.

Azamat Kudzaev makes no representations. The rapper spends most of her time with family and do not get in touch with the fans. It is known that the hip-hop artist reacted to the sad news. Arriving to the place of residence where the tragedy occurred, he staged a riot and destroyed everything that came across under a hand. As a result of their actions, the man injured his hand and is nearby to assist him.

Rapper MiyaGi and his friend the Endgame are playing in Duo. Each clip produces a sensation among people interested in hip hop music. Artists for a long time and successfully cooperate, and have already released two successful albums. Now, however, fans worried that Azamat Kudziev won’t delight them with fresh hits.