Know when to stop! Volochkova have six iPhones

Знай меру! У Волочковой шесть айфонов

Outrageous ballerina caught in their own gadgets.

To consider the incarnation is talented in everything Anastasia Volochkova fingers on the hand is not enough. She celebrated dancer and gifted singer and a charismatic actress, and socialite extravagant. As well as caring mother and a sensitive woman. And, it seems, for each of its facets have Volochkova has a separate means of communication. Six gifts six smartphones.

How hard is it to be popular and in demand. Calls with offers of work comes so that they are not able to make a single unit. Here and out poor stars as you can. Someone hires a bunch of PR, Directors and secretaries to communicate with razdiraemyj on the part of customers and the press. Well, those who used to conduct business on their own, acquire a bunch of smart phones, so no call is missed.

Anastasia Volochkova on his page in the social network posted a sentimental picture. Delicate, fragile ballerina just deposited the fruits of progress in six phones Apple. Anastasia admits that literally lost in their gadgets. To help her immediately came caring the subscribers, offering to share her heavy burden and pick up a few infernal machines.

Found among commentators and envious, took not the problem of the artist. They rebuked her excessive love for worldly goods and extravagance “at the time, as children are starving in Africa”. But Volochkova, as expected, the haters did not pay attention. Her with so many machines not up to it. It seems that the rights was James Cameron in his film “the Terminator”, the world really seized the car.