Knight or jester: how you behave star men after a breakup

Рыцарь или шут: как ведут себя звездные мужчины после разрыва Last 10 bright partings of celebrities in which gender shows a strong ex-wife or girlfriend, and many fans truly are. “StarHit” recalls how they treated their ex-lovers who broke up.

      Рыцарь или шут: как ведут себя звездные мужчины после разрыва

      Scandals, property division, recriminations an integral part of most divorces of stars of domestic show-business. With its popularity people scenes make jealous ex-lovers, sometimes even cause hate each other, posting on social networks details of their personal lives. Interestingly that often such things deals with the male part of the Russian celebrities.

      Among such low deeds, you can see signs of respect and love some of the star men to their former wives and girlfriends. This is mainly manifested in the financial aid or public sensual confessions.

      Andrey Chuev has threatened to take his own life

      The pair got together to leave the project “Dom-2”, but at the last moment, Marina Afrikantov had second thoughts and went after his lover. You would think that the girl avenges the elect, that he tore their wedding celebration. After all, when Chueva asked if he was ready to take Marina for a wife, he replied with a smile: “No surprise”. This incident happened last summer, but girls long to forget these things. Due to the fact that the Marina continues to live at the site of “House-2”, Chuev, published in Instagram a video that does not reveal the subscribers depressed state.

      For men, apparently, have such unusual rebellious behavior of his beloved. He jokingly said he was ready to commit suicide. Still later came the fun photo where Andrew half of the body hanging from the stairs of the second floor, and under the caption: “Yes, unfortunately or fortunately, Marina didn’t follow me. This is not a PR and not a script, is the real betrayal. But I’m not mad at the Marina, everyone has their own ideals. I’m not bad, I just wanted to go and jump headfirst from the second floor…”

      Alex smerfit experimenting with style

      Рыцарь или шут: как ведут себя звездные мужчины после разрыва

      In February Victoria Bonia surprised subscribers sudden news that she and Alex smerfit – its civil husband – broke up. After this recognition, fans tirelessly began to monitor what is happening in their lives and may expect conflict. But it’s worth noting, initially, both were calm and dignified. Alex promised to help former civil wife financially so neither she nor their joint child in what does not deny. However, the image in the clothes of men changed from the classic suits he moved on to bright black vest, trench coat and round sunglasses. Admirers of Alex appreciated his new style and actively comment on photos in Instagram: “are You serious? Look as good as ever!” Does the recent behaviour of the young person not to be called exemplary.

      Last weekend the man called for a party in Paris, which took place on a yacht floating down the Seine at night. Guests of the event dressed in immodest clothes: leather clothes and latex mask that completely covers the face, provocative accessories. “Instagram” Alex was filled with provocative photos on Smurfit with the company dressed in the style of an erotic film, is sitting in the car, on the other – passionately hugging a half-naked dancer. The businessman himself does not consider his behavior inappropriate and claims that still loves the former civil wife and tries not to ruin their relationship for my daughter.

      Nikita Dzhigurda did not lose hope

      Рыцарь или шут: как ведут себя звездные мужчины после разрыва

      Marina Anisina have decided to file for divorce. In the statement she indicated that she and her husband have different views on parenting. It turns out that Dzhigurda with his wife have not been living together she’s always in France, and he in Moscow. In response to the statement of the Olympic champion, the man confessed that he was not against divorce, for two reasons: first, they have a Marina there is no intimacy, which should be between a man and a woman, and secondly, he’s in love with another. But, despite these statements by the actor, you can see that he can not recover after the divorce.

      Nikita Dzhigurda for the first six months saw the kids

      About three weeks ago in Instagram Dzhigurda began to appear erotic pictures skater and texts, which can be traced hope that they’ll get back together:

      “Here goddess, Anis mine, already the mother of two of our gods: it is so a miracle from edge to edge, that I would die for her native really ready, if only she was happy.” At the most candid photos Anisina Topless, although Breasts covered with stars blurred rectangle.


      Рыцарь или шут: как ведут себя звездные мужчины после разрыва

      Two years ago Alexey Panin went wife Lyudmila Grigorieva. While the actor was on tour in Kazakhstan, she filed for divorce. Everybody knows how violent and passionate character, and unexpected antics famous Panin. Apparently, the artist does not leave a feeling of guilt, because he was going to give a chic Studio apartment Lyudmila:

      “I want Lucy to know that whatever happens, she has a place to live. Planned how it will look flat, and all the furniture was chosen. Workers gave each Andrey Kovalev. They leveled the walls, combined living room and kitchen with nine-meter loggia. I did all of this for Lucy, as she would have liked. I myself have long no matter where you live. Even in Moscow, to receive do not want. Everything reminds me of her. The only thing that makes me exist is the understanding that I need a girl.”

      Dmitry Tarasov publicly quarrels with Buzova in Instagram

      Рыцарь или шут: как ведут себя звездные мужчины после разрыва

      A beautiful affair of the star couple ended by 2017. At first, both did not comment on the breakup. Olga just talked about their mental suffering, and Dmitry does nothing. However, recently the football player asked fans not interested in his personal life, because with the former participant “Houses-2” it’s all in the past. “We are all adults, just learning to live and everyone make mistakes. My own was that I allowed everyone to be part of our relationship. As they say, “live for likes”, – Tarasov wrote, adding, however, that with Buzova he had beautiful moments.

      Olga resented the phrase about huskies, she could not resist and said ex-husband: “would you mind telling me how you cheated on me with misskay? And if your relationship was with me for like, then delete your “Instagram” and build a new one without likes”. After this replica Dmitry also did not restrain himself, and, ironically called the star by my name and patronymic, asked to end the public conversation. It seems that Olga accusations are not unfounded, because Tarasova really began to live with a new lover soon after rasova. Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko fooling around in public

      Anton Gusev is photographed naked with Victoria romanet

      Рыцарь или шут: как ведут себя звездные мужчины после разрыва

      Eugene Feofilaktova and Anton Gusev, after living together for four years, decided to divorce. The scandal was not – dispersed quietly. However, Anton has long been not alone. In the confirm new passionate relationship in his men appeared candid shots, where he and his new love, Victoria romanet. The girl in no way inferior to his ex-wife: bright appearance, a striking figure, popularity. Most subscribers have responded to a kitchen themed photo shoot.

      Рыцарь или шут: как ведут себя звездные мужчины после разрыва

      The reaction of the followers has been mixed: “it’s hot, wow! Unexpected but I like it”, “Bright photoshoot, and right in the summer smacks of”, “Such pictures should appear in specialized publications, and not in social networks”. Photo of Vika lying on the table in his underwear, Anton stands beside her naked and watering the chest of the former participant “Houses-2” cream, their bodies smeared with flour.


      Рыцарь или шут: как ведут себя звездные мужчины после разрыва

      About two months ago, the actor publicly spoke about the betrayal of his girlfriend, which he is still not able to survive. Every new post in social networks Alexey testifies to the suffering young man. One of the latter was this message: “I would like this day to apologize to his ex. I’m sorry that I’m smarter than your new boyfriend. My knowledge and experience has always handcuff you in our conversations, and you had to agree with me. I’m sorry that I look better than he is. Because you were always afraid that I’m hung, and I’m cheating on you, although I was faithful to you every moment.”

      Friends of the artist are recognized as journalists that this relationship is to Vorobyov was the most significant for the last time, because he is so much invested in them: they paid much attention to the girl, sacrificing work and beautifully looked after. Interestingly, it is still unknown who this mysterious lady, which is crazy one of the most eligible bachelors of the country.

      Egor Konchalovsky is friends with the former civil wife

      Рыцарь или шут: как ведут себя звездные мужчины после разрыва

      In January of this year, Lyubov Tolkalina shocked fans with news that they separated. The woman, according to relatives, tried to save the marriage, but all her efforts were in vain. And the gap didn’t look like a drama that hard to deal with.

      “And very secret, and most importantly – only finally parting with my husband, I learned how to be friends with him…” – shared Tolkalina in one of the social networks.

      Now both do not hide from the public their new relationship, because they respect the privacy of each other. Daughter Masha will always associate the famous producer and actress. Egor admits that more time would like to be with a girl, because before he paid her little attention because of the shooting. “We live completely separate lives, but we have Mary, and flats next to them. Previously it was one large apartment, we have divided it. And one lives in Luba Masha, the other will be renovated soon, and I’ll be there to stay with Mary, when she leaves,” shared the man. Yegor Konchalovsky moved lover in your house


      Anastasiya vedenskaya lucky because her ex-husband quietly accepts her affair with the new male dancer Dmitry Taskinen. The actor does not hide the fact that he still loves the mother of his sons and wants them all in no way needed. The apartment is rented by Vladimir, is located in the heart of Moscow, on Malaya Bronnaya, and costs him 250 thousand monthly. This topic was recently discussed in the “million dollar Secret” of the NTV channel. Lera Kudryavtseva, the presenter, was overwhelmed by the generosity epifantseva. The famous actor and producer explained his position.

      Vladimir Epifantsev was suspected of involvement in the disappearance of a child

      “My children live there Gordey and Orfey and I want to do. So they could play Billiards, and then sit by the fireplace. As for the lover Anastasia… I know him. He is a great guy! He cares about my sons, but they know that dad is me. Dima helps us with Nastya to agree: she is aggressive towards me, and he tries her to calm down.”