Klara Novikova complained that she missed her children Clara Novikova is going through a rather difficult period in her life.

Klara Novikova complained that she missed her children The artist was born in Kyiv, but already has been living and working in Moscow for a long time. Russia and Ukraine are very important to Novikova. At the same time, she has not been in Kyiv for the last 8 years, as the local authorities blacklisted her because of her tour of Crimea.

Klara Novikova complained that she missed her children

For many years, the humorist did not visit relatives and did not was at the grave of her parents. Now she is looking for ways to help relatives in Ukraine, but it is not possible to send money transfers.

“This is my Motherland. How can I share myself? My heart is here and my soul is there. How can I share my heart and soul,” Novikova complains.

She is going through a difficult situation on her own, as her daughter and grandchildren are busy with their own affairs and do not always support her. ” alt=” Klara Novikova complained that she misses her children ” />

“I often stay “in myself”, with myself. I can't “tumble” for 24 hours. But solitude is not always good. Sometimes I pour myself a glass of wine, talk to myself. Sometimes I don't even know who to call to get out of this state. I'm afraid to transfer my problems to someone, I don't want to immerse anyone in this. I am an adult – I have something to think about … I miss the children, and they do not have as much time as I would like from them. They have their own lives, ”Klara Novikova concluded sadly.

Recall that the comedian has an adult daughter, Maria, who gave her three grandchildren. Novikova's heiress works as a journalist and teaches at a theater university. Maria's husband also teaches – ancient literature. Novikova's eldest grandson followed in the footsteps of his parents, he works as a history teacher at school.

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