Klara Novikova arranges home scandals

Клара Новикова устраивает домашние скандалы The actress does not hold back emotions. As admitted Clara journalist, she sometimes gets upset over nothing and conflicts with relatives. According to umoristici, then she has to atone for the guilt of your loved ones.

Famous comedian Klara Novikova is always trying to say what he thinks. As recognized by the artist, very often the words and reactions of others help her come up with new topics for speeches. Being with loved ones, Novikova does not hide his emotions.

“I’m a terrible scandal can make a home, and then herself out of guilt.. No I did not forgive. Unable to forgive herself. I can’t stand betrayal. I’m a man of fine mental organization. Try friends to love and not to lose them. And between us anything can happen, but it’s human relationships. They are not smooth. The more that life is nervous, full of events,” – says Clara Gabriel.

Novikov claims that she sometimes had to overcome themselves and to speak before an audience, even when she was in a bad mood or she felt bad.

“Have a profession. And you’re getting to the viewer. For me the great happiness to give everything from the scene that happens with me as well. The reasons are sad, but sometimes joyous. When there was my husband, I came to say goodbye and then flew to Vladivostok to play a show. How come as I could not remember… But played. And somehow he was on tour in Israel, and during the intermission calling daughter: “Mom, you just don’t worry, don’t faint, we with Boris signed,” recalled the actress bright cases of career.

As admitted star, at that moment, she decided to announce the good news to many thousands audience. First, many do not even believe that the news of his daughter’s wedding – not just another twist in a humorous monologue. “Everyone thought at first that this is a new interlude began. And then all the Jewish moms in the audience wailed, cried and laughed with me,” he told Clara she was in an interview with “Antenna-Telesem”.

Recall Novikova’s career began in the late 70-ies. Initially her father, comedian Boris Zinovievich, Gerzer forbade her daughter to go to the acting Department, considering that it is unreliable profession. However, Novikov did it. In 1976 he went to work in moskontsert and moved to live to Moscow.

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