Клара Лучко на съемках у Пырьева попала в любовный треугольник
The actress feared retaliation by the famous Director.

Clara Luchko Sergei Lukyanov in the film “Kuban Cossacks”. 1949

Photo: Mosfilm-info

Classmate Luchko, people’s artist of USSR Inna Makarova remembers that the first meeting of Clara with Director Ivan Pyreva were very dramatic. “With trial Clara returned whole
frightened, blubbered. She said that when the photographer shot it, pyrev
appeared and started shouting that he takes the wrong angle. And he unceremoniously
grabbed Luchko’s chin, began to turn in different directions…”

However, Luchko approved for the role in the film “Kuban Cossacks”. The picture has been crucial — not only because of the fact that the glorified actress, but also because on the set she met her future husband, actor Sergey Lukyanov.

“I saw everything that happens between Clara and Serge, their
sympathy to each other — continues to Makarov. — Lukyanov in 1949, he was already a famous actor, he starred
in the movie “Duel”, played in the Vakhtangov Theatre. He was older than all of us
he was already almost 40 years. Lukyanov immediately fell in love with
Clara, at first sight. I went to the dressing room before the shooting, saw her and said, “I lost!” It was a feeling that nothing can be done with the arisen
between them the feeling, the more that Sergei was a strong character.
Despite the fact that he had a family, he
quickly got divorced.”

The trouble is that
The film has already started to fall in love with Luchko. And
jealousy looked at Lukyanova, who gave her flowers and often
shooting escorted to the room.

“Clara was worried: “How he would have me as off, too!
It would not have removed!” — recalls Makarov. But pyrev has continued to work with her. Maybe because
still something hoped for. But then, when Joseph
Heyfits wanted to invite Luchko role in the movie “Big family”, he spoke the truth
spoke out against at the arts Council. And Clara believed that it was his

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