Kit Harrington has apologized for saying about the sexism towards men

Кит Харрингтон извинился за слова о сексизме по отношению к мужчинам

In may 2016, star of TV series “Game of thrones” kit Harrington complained about sexism against men in an interview for The Sunday Times. The essence of the salaries was that the actor believes humiliating prejudice against his person. Keith was tired of being perceived as a pretty boy with an inflated figure and the object of desire of many women. He also said that felt sexist attitude when he was asked to razdevaetsya on photo shoots. The actor never expected that a year will ignite a scandal with Harvey Weinstein, which he apologized for his words.

Кит Харрингтон извинился за слова о сексизме по отношению к мужчинам

“Sexism against men is not what I meant. I have been objectification. At the time I thought I objectivesyou. At such moments, I felt uncomfortable. But my position in society is not the same as women. Are two different things. I was wrong,” says Harrington.

In an interview a year ago, the actor spoke about double standards. “If you ask girls if you can call her “baby” and she will say no, it will be an absolute right. But what about the men?” asks the performer as Jon snow in “Game of thrones”.

Кит Харрингтон извинился за слова о сексизме по отношению к мужчинам

“Of course, in the film industry thrives sexism against women, but men also suffer from it! I often encounter this, for example, on the set of photo shoots, when I was asked to undress. You know, if I thought I give the role only because of my appearance, I would quit this job. I want to believe that I represent something more than just a beautiful body, face and hair. It’s humbling when you perceive only as an object of desire,” said the actor in an interview.

We will remind that in connection with the scandal, many women tell their stories about unpleasant experiences with men. So screenwriter and producer James Toback, photographer Terry Richardson, and Roman Polanski accused of rape. Polanski was accused by American artist Marianne Barnard. She said that he molested her, when the artist was only 10 years old. The girl’s mother wanted the popularity, which brought her samples to the Director. The photo shoot took place on Malibu beach, where the girl had to pose in a bikini and fur coat. The shooting began quite innocently, but soon gained another turn. “Suddenly he asked me to remove the top from a swimsuit. This was nothing: I was only 10 years old and I still often ran around without a shirt on. But then he asked me to remove everything else. I did not like. And I noticed that mother was gone somewhere. I didn’t know where she is, and didn’t know when she’ll be back. And he began to pester me,” says Marianne.

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