Kit Harington’s Dating fellow “Game of thrones”

Кит Харингтон встречается с коллегой по «Игре престолов»

The relationships on TV were transferred into real life. Kit Harington and rose Leslie are back together. Although officially his novel star of the series “Game of thrones” is not confirmed, many believe that actors are in love.

Кит Харингтон встречается с коллегой по «Игре престолов»

Last appearance of Keith and Leslie took place at the awards Olivier Awards in London’s “Covent garden” April 4, 2016.

Comments about neither Harington nor rose were not given.

Note that this is not the first time secular commentators say about the novel pairs. Back in 2012, has spread the message of love these two actors, but in 2014, according to insiders, Keith and Leslie broke up.

Now they have resumed the novel.

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