Кит Харингтон сыграет свадьбу в замке своей невесты
Became known date of the marriage of actor.

Кит Харингтон сыграет свадьбу в замке своей невесты

Kit Harington and rose Leslie


As it was officially
announced, the marriage star of the cult TV series “Game of thrones” kit Harington and his bride, actress rose
Leslie, will take place very soon — 23
Jun. Moreover, on the occasion of the wedding will be
announced a break in the filming of the TV show, because Keith decided to invite to the ceremony
almost the entire crew of the series.

The bride and groom
register your marriage at the office in Aberdeenshire, located in the East
Scotland. As for the places where will take place a wedding Banquet, then Keith and
Rose didn’t have to split hairs. The event will take place… in a Scottish castle — bride’s Lickeyhead Castle, built in 15
century! The fact that Leslie comes from a very noble and ancient family. It
great-grandfather on the maternal side was a Lord, and distant ancestors — relatives of the kings of Scotland.

As previously reported,
Keith and Leslie has sent out official invitations to their wedding, and
the envelope bears the portrait of Harington in the role of his famous character from the “Game
of thrones” — Jon snow. It was during the filming of this series and
met Harrington and Leslie. As told to Keith, it happened when
the film crew of the TV show went on shooting in Iceland it
fell in love with Leslie who played his love — Igrit. “If you like the actress and the script you
playing lovers, you almost inevitably fall in love with your partner
shooting really…” — said

We recall that Keith made a formal offer
Rose became known in September last year. Moreover, the announcement of
the engagement appeared in the Times.
As admitted Harrington, he was prepared to make an offer in a solemn
environment. However, everything went not as he planned. “Once we
came to our country house for the weekend. Was just an amazing night, we
lit in the garden, a campfire and watched the stars. And here, yielding
the charm of this night, I suddenly pulled out the ring box and
asked her to be my wife. So all my plans went out the window!” — told

Lickeyhead Castle

Photo: Facebook.com/Lickleyhead