Kit Harington married the first time

Кит Харингтон женится в первый раз
The star of “Game of thrones” has sent out invitations to their wedding.

Kit Harington and rose Leslie


31-year-old kit Harington, best known for the role of the brave Jon snow from the TV series
“Game of thrones”, announced that he will soon be a married man. More
the actor has managed to distribute to your guests of the upcoming ceremony invitations. Not
any, but in the style “of the Game…”:
the cover the portrait of the whale in the form of snow.

Future newlyweds said that the wedding.
and his bride Leslie rose will be held in a Scottish castle, but the date
the invitation did not specify. According to the actor, he deliberately did not disclose the day
when will be the wedding to avoid
leakage of information. After all, if the castle was coming, the crowd of fans and paparazzi, everything will be ruined. So the wedding date Keith will reveal later
as close to the day of the celebration.

Recall that Harrington made an offer of his beloved, became
known in September of last year. Their romance started 6 years ago — in 2012. Keith and Leslie met at
the set of “Game of thrones”. After all, rose has been involved in
the filming of the cult show — she played “wildling” Ygritte in the first two
seasons. However, in 2013, rumors spread that the lovers allegedly
parted. But after a few months they were again seen together. In January of this year, Keith announced that he and Leslie decided to live together
what actor bought a house in the East of Britain, for which he had
to shell out almost 2 million pounds.

Curiously, when Harrington decided to talk about this live
TV show, is clearly proud of his act, he had to face
unexpected reaction to this news from Nicole
Kidman, also invited to this show. “I absolutely
happy — because I now live with my beloved, which, moreover, is
my best friend!” he said. To which Nicole replied: “It’s great,
that you live together. But when you finally marry her? Before
to settle her into your house, they could at least propose to her! Don’t get me
right, I take care of rose!” — she reprimanded a 30-year-old actor Kidman. Then
he blushed and muttered that he, of course, Leslie is getting married — someday.