Kit Harington for the first time bust out my favorite

Кит Харингтон впервые вывел в свет свою любимую
The stars of “Game of thrones” did not hide from the guests tender feelings to each other.

The guests of the ceremony theatre awards Olivier Awards, traditionally held in London’s Covent garden the other day, was intrigued when on the red carpet
have a great couple kit Harington and rose Leslie, star
super popular series “Game
of thrones”. The fact is that although the kit and rose began Dating a long time,
never before Keith did not confirm their status as a couple, and did not appear with her
the official events.

In Hollywood like to joke that
often life imitates art. Here and Harington and Leslie started Dating
after struck up a love story of their onscreen heroes. However, Keith and rose, which
were first seen together back in 2012, tried to keep their relationship in
secret, fearing that the intervention of the press will ruin their romance.

As they were able
catch however is not often, occasionally began to walk rumors that they
supposedly, broke up. The last time this rumor began to spread in
February of this year, when Keith allowed himself a couple of times to appear in Nightclubs in Los Angeles without rose. However, guests at the Olivier Awards ceremony has had the opportunity to verify that
Harington and Leslie continue to believe that tender feelings. They spent the night not
drove each other’s eyes in love.

It’s funny
the last time the whale much more likely to ask questions not about his personal life, as
it happens more often with cute young actors, and the fate of his on-screen
hero! The fact that Jon snow is adored by fans of the series character,
played by Harington in “Game of thrones”, was suddenly, brutally murdered in the end
the fifth of the season. It was so unexpected and so shocked the audience that they still
then, I can’t believe in the death snow. Even the Duchess of Cornwall, recently
accidentally collided with a whale
Harrington on the tennis tournament, could not resist not to ask him exciting
all the question. “Say, you killed or not?” — asked the wife of Prince Charles.

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